Gluten Free Baguette

Discover our flavoursome baguettes that are so light you would never know they are gluten free. Our perfected baguette recipe uses ingredients of the highest quality resulting in beautiful bread ideal for lunches and snacks.

Gluten Free Kalamata Olive Baguette

Made from Kalamata olives, our olive baguettes are delightfully flavoursome. With a lovely olive taste, our gluten free version of the classic Greek bread is just as good as the real deal.

Gluten Free Chia Multigrain Baguette

Our chia multigrain bread combines chia seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds for a beautiful nutty butter taste. This baguette is simply a wonderfully tasty lunch time eat.

Gluten Free Mini Loaf

Strong, soft and with no crumble, our white loaves will have you questioning how they could possibly be gluten free. Using the finest ingredients and our special recipe, we have created a loaf that is ideal both fresh and toasted.

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